.....Is Your Job Right for You?,

by Donna Deeprose


This quiz measures your satisfaction with your job in three categories:

  • Final Product or Service. This is the product or service offered to customers by the organization for which you work. If, for example, you are a programmer in an insurance company, this refers to insurance, not to computer programs. What the quiz uncovers is the answer to the question: Am I contributing my efforts to something I consider worthwhile?
  • Tasks. This category is about the work you perform. Again, to use the example of a programmer in an insurance company, this looks at programming and measures how satisfied you are to be doing that for a living.
  • Environment. The environment in which you work includes things like the people you work with, the values and culture of the organization you work for, and the space you work in. Do you find these things energizing or restraining? For each of these categories, the maximum number of satisfaction points you could score on the quiz was four. Any score less than three could reveal an underlying problem that may not go away as long as you continue to work in that industry, that function, or that company.

Respond true orfalse to each of the following statements.

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