Self-Assessment: What Is Your "Credibility Quotient?"

How would the people who work with you rate you?
Answer each question using the following scale of 1-5.

5= Always      4=Often      3=Sometimes      2=Not often enough      1=Never

People in my organization would say:
1. I am transparent. I am clear, open and honest. _____
2. I am clear and understandable in the directions and
feedback I give.
3. When I make a promise, I keep it. _____
4. If I fail to do it, I own up to it and apologize. _____
5. I “walk the talk”—I embody the values I ask others to live up to. _____
6. I never ask people to do something I wouldn’t be
willing to do myself.
7. If I set a policy or make a decision, everyone knows I’m
behind it 100%.
8. When I set a policy or make a decision, it’s for the right reasons. _____
9. If someone tells me something in confidence,
it stays in confidence.
10. I freely trust others around me, particularly those whom I need to trust me. _____
Total score: _____

How to interpret your score:
41-50 You are probably an incredible leader!
35-40 You probably have high credibility.
30-34 You probably have moderate credibility.
20-29 You exhibit signs of low credibility.
Below 19 “Ouch!”

This self-assessment is from AMA’s new seminar “Advanced Leadership Communications Strategies” (#2134).

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