Change-Adept Questionnaire

By Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.

Through extensive research and experience consulting with companies around the world, I've uncovered six factors (Confidence, Challenge, Coping, Counterbalance, Creativity and Collaboration) that determine whether an individual is change-adept—that is, proficient at dealing not only with transition, but with transformation as well.

This questionnaire assesses your current attitudes, aptitudes and skills for thriving on change in your business life. It is a tool that can help you recognize your current strengths and develop strategies for overcoming potential weaknesses.

Read each statement carefully and decide whether it is true or false for you. If the statement is true, check the box next to the statement. If the statement is false, leave the space blank.

For all of the sections, a score of 1-3 "Ts" is low, 4-5 is medium, and 6-8 is high. The higher your scores, the greater your strength in each category.

Low scores indicate areas you may want to better develop.

1. I focus on my strengths more than I focus on my weaknesses.
2. I focus on my successes more than I focus on my failures.
3. I take responsibility for my career progression and relevant training.
4. I am continuously learning and developing my talents and skills.
5. I know the market value of my skills and talents.
6. I speak up and take risks at work.
7. I recognize and reward myself whenever I do excellent work.
8. I evaluate my attitudes and behaviors to determine which will continue to
serve me in the future—and which I need to leave behind.

Your Confidence Score
Low Medium High

1. I am an optimist.
2. I like my job and my work.
3. I like variety and change.
4. I look for positive aspects in negative circumstances.
5. I plan for the downside (of change) but focus on the opportunities.
6. I am easily bored with the status quo.
7. I am energized by change.
8. I believe there are tremendous personal opportunities in most changes.
Your Challenge Score
Low Medium High

1. I am healthy and resilient under pressure.
2. I am flexible when "the change" changes course.
3. I understand that no one person has "the answer" or "the plan."
4. I use my sense of humor to help cope with change.
5. I focus primarily on those aspects of change that I can influence or control.
6. I recognize my first sign of stress overload and respond appropriately to
reduce/release it.
7. I accept change as "business as usual."
8. I know what to expect and how to help myself deal with the emotional
process of change.
Your Coping Score
Low Medium High

1. I do not smoke.
2. I sleep a sufficient amount of time to awaken refreshed and rested.
3. I exercise a minimum of three times a week for at least twenty minutes.
4. I am within five pounds of my ideal weight.
5. I limit my alcohol consumption to one drink or fewer (if female)/two
drinks or fewer (if male) per day.
6. I balance my work life with a rich personal life (friends, family, sports,
hobbies, etc.)
7. I eat healthfully and in moderate amounts.
8. I have a religious or spiritual foundation.
Your Counterbalance Score
Low Medium High

1. I am creative and innovative in how I approach my work.
2. I keep myself informed about changes going on in the organization and
how they might affect my job.
3. I keep myself informed about trends in the industry and how they might
affect my job.
4. I have a good understanding of how my efforts support the organization's
5. I often redesign my job to be more efficient/productive/fun.
6. I volunteer to join teams that are planning changes.
7. When making decisions, I seek and value a diversity of opinion.
8. I rely on my creativity to help me solve business problems.

Your Creativity Score
Low Medium High


1. I have a reputation for sharing what I know.
2. If I were to serve as a team leader, I'd feel it was my responsibility to create and maintain an environment of trust and collaboration.
3. As a team member, I feel it is my responsibility to help create and maintain an environment of trust and collaboration.
4. I take advantage of opportunities to grow my "social capital."
5. People on my team trust me to deal openly and fairly.
6. I trust people on my team to deal openly and fairly.
7. I realize that my success is increasingly dependent on my ability to collaborate.
8. I am aware of my organization's knowledge resources. When I need information, I know where to go or whom to ask.

Your Collaboration Score
Low Medium High


Copyright 1998 - 2003, Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.

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Author Bio: Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., is an international speaker, author and consultant who helps organizations and individuals thrive on change. She is the author of "Ghost Story: A Modern Business Fable," "This Isn't the Company I Joined," "The Human Side of High-Tech" and other books. The principal of Kinsey Consulting Services, Dr. Goman welcomes your questions and comments. Contact information: 510-526-1727, or through her website:

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