Wetfeet Career Tools

Tools to help you plan your next career move.

Whether you’re just entering the job market, planning a big job change, or just interested in learning more about switching jobs within your field, it’s hard to know where to begin your search-and where to find relevant, timely information and resources to guide you.
One such resource is wetfeet.com, a leading provider of information about companies, industries and careers for job seekers. This online-only career center features up-to-the-minute research and tools to help you more effectively manage your career.
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Company research tools include:
  • interviews with company representatives
  • an “A to Z” company guide that profiles leading companies
  • one-of-a- kind “insider guides”: up-close interviews with employees who work for a particular company, plus information on the company’s corporate culture, compensation and management philosophies.
  • company discussion boards
  • the latest job openings at a particular company.
Industry research tools include:
  • timely industry overviews on everything from accounting to enterprise software
  • discussion boards by industry
  • “insider guides” (see above) on leading companies in various industries
  • ’real people' profiles with people who work in a particular field sharing information about their professional life: hours, typical responsibilies,,salary and professional challenges and rewards
Career research tools include:
  • expert career advice on job-hunting strategies, internships, resumes, diversity, and networking
  • an “Ask the expert” column
  • information on typical career tracks in different fields
  • insider research and guides on career options
  • information on today’s hottest careers
  • practical research on landing the job you want

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