Answers to AMA Member Challenge
May 2009

Concluding a neck and neck race with CNN, actor/producer Ashton Kutcher crowed about becoming the first “millionaire” on what terse social networking site?

  • Twitter
  • Yammer
  • FaceBook
  • Tooter

Correct answer: Twitter. Just before midnight on April 16 Kutcher became the first Twitter user to acquire one million followers. He sent out a message (known as a “tweet”): “Victory is ours!!!” A tweet may contain no more than 140 characters.

2. In an effort to reduce federal spending, President Obama appointed Jeffrey Zients to the new position of “CPO,” which stands for what?

  • Chief Public Ombudsman
  • Chief of Power Operations
  • Chief Performance Officer
  • Chief Pundit Official

Correct answer: Chief Performance Officer. TPresident Obama said he will task Mr. Zients, a former chairman and CEO of the Advisory Board, with helping “streamline processes, cut costs, and find best practices throughout our government.”

3. 43 companies in the S&P will stop issuing “gross-up” payments to their executives. What are “gross-ups?”

  • Office cleaning fees
  • Taxes on executive perks
  • Cost of living increases
  • Salaries paid to family members

Correct answer: Taxes on executive perks. In the wake of consumer outrage over excessive executive compensation, some companies will no longer reimburse top executives for taxes due on perks, including personal use of corporate jets and club memberships.

4. Software giant Oracle outbid IBM with a $7.38 billion deal to buy what maker of the popular Java program and Solaris operating system?

  • Microsoft
  • Lunatech
  • Intuit
  • Sun Microsystems

Correct answer: Sun Microsystems. After months of talks between Sun and IBM, Oracle swooped in and outbid Big Blue. The deal will allow Oracle to move into new areas, including sales of computer server systems and hardware.

5. No more “ruff” rides for Spot, once which Japanese car company introduces a “Dog Friendly” version of its Element SUV next fall?

  • Honda
  • Cadillac
  • Audi
  • Hyundai

Correct answer: Honda. The Dog Friendly Element will include a cushioned bed with safety restraints, a spill-resistant water bowl, and toy-bone patterned floor mats. Sales of the standard Element were down 61% in the first quarter of ’09.

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