August 17, 2018

“Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes.” —Oscar Wilde

Right or wrong, people judge us by what they perceive to be true, rather than by the reality of the situation. In the workplace, the attitude we radiate—whether positive and “can do” or negative and morose—often becomes the yardstick by which our performance is measured. What kind of vibes are you sending out? Take a quick self-assessment in Do You Need an “Attitude Adjustment"? this month’s featured Professional Development article.

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  • 10 Keys to Workplace Excellence
    The author of ENGAGED! How Leaders Build Organizations Where Employers Love to Come to Work shares the secrets of how the “Best of the Best” organizations motivate and reward their employees.

Professional Development

  • Do You Need an “Attitude Adjustment”?
    Like it or not, people judge us by what they perceive to be true rather than by the reality of the situation. Take a quick “Affirmative Attitude Self-Assessment” from AMA’s seminar “Projecting a Positive Professional Image” to find out if you’re showing people the right stuff or sending out bad vibes.


  • No Parent Left Behind
    If America is to compete successfully on a global stage, parents must step up and take responsibility for their children’s education. A good first step, writes Sander A. Flaum, would be to turn off the PlayStation and open a newspaper.

Sales & Marketing

  • Is Your Sales Team Creating Real Differentiation?
    Does your company offer your customers anything that’s truly unique? To stand out from the competition, your salespeople have to go beyond features that are easily copied, to create value that is unique to each customer.


  • Digitized HR: How Paranoid Should You Be?
    Right now only about 1% to 2% of large organizations use analytics to size up worker performance. But if you’re in HR or workforce management, you might want to get over your math anxiety sooner, rather than later.

Global Perspectives

  • Latest News about Expat Workers
    According to a new study, while most organizations offer some form of incentive to encourage employees to accept an international assignment, the trend is toward fewer and smaller premiums.

Small Business

  • The Importance of the Board in the Succession Process
    When does a CEO’s hand-picked choice for successor have no chance of succeeding? Leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith, author of the new book Succession: Are You Ready? explains: “Once critical stakeholders have written off candidates, their succession possibilities may be over, no matter what you, or they, do to change the situation.”

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